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Meeting All of Your MRI Needs

Breakthrough Diagnostic Imaging Technology Provides Doctors With Fast, Highly Detailed Information To Evaluate Disease

MRI improves the diagnosis of a wide range of conditions, including vascular disease; stroke; abdominal and brain disorders; mammography and musculoskeletal conditions in the knee, shoulder and other joints.

“In essence, we now have the ability to capture diagnostic images at the speed of life,” said DR. Jeffrey Wexler. “This scanner reduces the length of MRI exams while improving the quality of the anatomical information. It will also make MRI exams more comfortable for patients, especially those who have difficulty holding their breath during certain procedures.”

MRI utilizes computers and magnetic fields, rather than radiation, to provide safe and non-invasive images of the human anatomy. It is estimated that more than 20 million MRI exams are performed each year in the United States.

“Our continuing ability to provide the most advanced care to our patients requires leading-edge technologies, said Dr. Wexler. “This system opens the door to new imaging applications that will improve the diagnosis of disease throughout the human body, from head to toe.

They have thirteen Board certified Radiologists on staff, including specialists in the fields of Neuroradiology, Interventional Radiology, and Pediatric MRI and are affiliated with Prime Saint Clare’s Hospital. Dr. Jeffrey Wexler is the Medical Director and under his leadership he has established a reputation for diagnostic excellence among local physicians. The community has come to see our site as a caring and professional facility that is committed to proving the best possible experience for all patients.

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