State of the Art Technology

Magnetic Imaging of Morris offers the GE Signa 1.5T with EXCITE and High Definition Technology

Picture the impossible.

Exclusive to GE EXCITE systems, MRI technology lets you easily diagnose those challenging patients who are the most difficult to examine with conventional MR approaches.

EXCITE was the industry’s first end-to-end design of the MRI data pipeline. EXCITE further improves productivity and image quality, while delivering advanced applications to handle your most challenging cases.

EXCITE provides a whole range of new technologies that simplify and improve our 1.5 MR scanning experience.

Exclusive GE Advanced Applications for our state of the art technology to include: PROPELLER, TRICKS, VIBRANT and LAVA
Unsurpassed image clarity and detail

Our Propeller Technology

Brain Imaging Challenge:

  • Un-sedated, fidgety pediatric patients
  • 1 in 6 pediatric patients does not respond adequately to sedation
  • 1 in 14 pediatric patients fails to respond at all to sedation
  • Uncooperative elderly or confused patients Subtle or gross physiologic motion in any patient
  • Patients with metal clips or dental fillings

PROPELLER is remarkably tolerant of patient motion, providing consistently excellent image quality on uncooperative patients – without sedation or anesthesia.

With PROPELLER applications we can:

  • Dramatically reduce sensitivity to patient motion and susceptibility artifacts.
  • Obtain a diagnostic-quality image on virtually every scan.
  • Produce high-definition images despite severe motion.
  • Eliminate subtle physiologic motion artifacts common in MR images.
  • Produce high quality results in diffusion-weighted imaging, even with dental work, craniotomies or other abnormalities disturbing the magnetic field around the scull base.
  • Minimize aborted studies, and rescans


TRICKS – Angiograghyand vascular imaging challenges:

  • Over half of diabetic patients have inadequate characterization of lower-leg vasculature.
  • Many vascular studies are sub-optimal because of miscalculation of the contrast bolus arrival.
  • Many arterio-venous malformations (AVMs) are difficult to characterize with conventional

With TRICKS applications we can:

  • Simplify difficult contrast-enhanced MRA of the lower extremities.
  • Achieve high-resolution detail into the critical vessels of the foot.
  • Eliminate inaccurate contrast bolus timing – simplify inject and scan with complete separation of arterial and venous phases.
  • Obtain dynamic information as well as the static arterial phase.
  • Compensate for differences in a patient’s flow dynamics to capture the complete flow pattern – including high-resolution peak arterial phase – in each leg in every case.


TRICKS uses an intricate method of temporal sampling and complex data recombination, TRICKS accelerates the temporal resolution of three-dimensional dynamic imaging without sacrificing spatial resolution. You acquire 12 times the amount of data typically collected in a conventional MR angiography exam – a flood of information that transforms contrast-enhanced MRA from a static into a dynamic process.


VIBRANT Breast Imaging Signa GE 1.5T

VIBRANT lets you perform a bilateral breast exam in both the sagittal and the axial planes with the same resolution and scan time as a single-breast MR study. It delivers true slice dimension resolution. And VIBRANT’s unique multi-technology approach eliminates fat with absolute reliability and confidence, to enhance lesion conspicuity.


LAVA – Abdominal Imaging

Abdominal Imaging Challenges:

1 in 10 abdominal MR exams is rendered inconclusive from motion artifacts or inadequate resolution

LAVA (Liver Acquisition with Volume Acceleration) combines contrast-enhanced, multi-phasic imaging with superb fat suppression for MR liver imaging as simple as CT.


With LAVA we can:

  • Produce excellent abdominal image quality on patients who have difficulty holding their breath
  • Scan the entire liver of a large patient in a single breath-hold every time
  • Achieve 25% more resolution with 25% more coverage at a speed unmatched by standard MR.
  • Perform procedures that can have a positive economic impact on your practice